Created by dust of the universe's first stars, Antion began without a home world. Wafts of interstellar dust they swiftly floated the universe in search of a place to begin life. Wandering across the core of a young galaxy the Antion sucessfully had found a place to start anew. Collecting together as a crude lifeform the Antion have evolved into powerful, sophisticated beings and have been around since the birth of our Galaxy. Since their creation the Antion have tempered with their matter and have evolved the ability to change forms. One form is of pure energy and swirls with the power of galaxies, within this form the Antion can move through shallow walls and through people. While in their physical form the Antion can be seen and are a purpleish color wielding ancestral blades and armor. Being created by stardust the Antion are environment friendly and prefer to stay peaceful. Antion are by far the most intellectual and technologically advanced of the races. Even such they couldn't reason with the bullheadedness of the Rorn. Locked in a raging war with the Rorn the Antion still explored surrounding worlds as much as possible. Through this searching the Antion noticed a life filled planet, Earth. The Antions foresaw that through the war Earth would have been demolished. Devising a plan the Antions fled to the center of the Galaxy and created with their technology a black hole so ImMaNsIvE that it would lead the Rorn through to the Andromeda galaxy and away from Earth. Not knowing where to start in a new galaxy the Antion quickly setup a home world and began exploring and expanding again. Because of this the Antion are only interactable with at the end of the game.