Evolving from the simplest of creatures in the universe the Rorn are red, lizard like creatures that rely on brawn over brain. Lacking the need of oxygen the Rorn are the superior fighters on water and land but lack the brains for aerial combat. The Rorn are only still around today because of their brash and aggressive nature. Antion are the sworn enemy of the Rorn and are the two oldest rivals in the Galaxy to this day. Despite being the second to evolve and flourish the Rorn are one of the furthest behind it the race to amazing technology. Over the thousands of years the Rorn have stolen whatever technology they can and used it to the best of their ability against their enemies in wartime. Quick to jump to conclusions, the Rorn are usually battling on all four fronts and still able to sustain a large population because of their birthing system. Each child has only one choice in life for what they want to be. One of the choices from the father and one from the mother. After choosing their path for life the children are injected with a mutagen to make them optimal for their respective path. Evolving at an alarming rate the child is already fully grown within a month. Though they evolve fast their science is slow, and with that their expansion is slow. Rorn have never been good with their minds and when in the biggest war of their lives they were tricked. Within the war of the two races, the Antion decided that they needed to leave the galaxy even thought they were winning the war. Rorn being stubborn chased them into the wormhole in the center of the galaxy and ended up in confusion within the Andromeda galaxy. Because of this, the Rorn aren't seen until the endgame. Even at this stage, the social (and intellectual) interaction between the player and the Rorn is limited.